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The machinery used on farms gives rise to large quantities of data. Managing and protecting this bulk data largely concerns the manufacturers of agricultural equipment represented by Axema. It is within this context that the ‘EU Code of conduct on agricultural data sharing by contractual agreement’ has become the reference document for Axema’s members, starting today. These members also support the spirit of the ‘13 Principles for exploiting and securing Agricultural data’ backed by the French National Federation of Farming Unions (FNSEA) and the French Young Farmers (JA) at the national level.

Guarantee the farmer's control of his or her data

Agriculture 2.0 is a unique opportunity for improving management of resources, environmental processes, health, and animal welfare, in addition to adapting our business models and responding to markets and consumer expectations. It is also a means for reducing administrative costs and provide better and prosperous living conditions for rural communities.

Nevertheless, data creators, farmers, food companies and entrepreneurs remain suspicious when it comes to sharing data. As a response to these concerns, this
‘Code of conduct’ has been devised at the European level by a group of agricultural and agro-business stakeholders united under Copa-Cogeca1. By leaving the farmer free to control the usage and exploitation of his or her own data, this text is entirely aligned with Axema’s position on the subject.

For Alain Savary, General Manager of Axema: ‘This project enables us to make the most out of agriculture’s entry into the digital era. The issues related to agricultural data are such that we must provide all the necessary reassurances to ensure its acceptance by the actors who are most directly concerned. This is an essential prerequisite for the future of the entire sector. ’ 

Reassure the French actors in the sector

While France is the leading agricultural equipment market in Europe and the 5th largest player on the global agricultural equipment market2, the French implementation of the ‘EU Code of conduct’ has given rise to a Charter initiated by the FNSEA and the JA establishing ‘13 Principles for exploiting and securing Agricultural data from farming’.

Axema also affirms the principles of this text, which, very similar to the ‘EU Code of conduct’, proposes to give farmers control over their data, the possibility to share data according to the terms of their choosing, for them to be able to withdraw their consent if desired and to prohibit any confiscation of their data by service providers. This document facilitates the circulation of necessary data for innovation and development of future decision support tools, all while reassuring farmers regarding control of their data.

Furthermore, on 12 June, the FNSEA and JA launched the ‘DATA-AGRI’ label to propose a label for businesses whose contractual documents adhere to the charter’s 13 principles. If Axema views the idea of this label positively, it nonetheless has expressed two main recommendations to the FNSEA and JA. In addition to proposing to process machine-related data through manufacturer-specific legal clauses, Axema also recommends that the label be given an international dimension before giving its support to the label.

1 Copa-Cogeca represents the main agricultural professional organisations and trade unions at the level of the European Union.
2 Economic report Axema 2017


AXEMA is the French Association for agricultural equipment manufacturers and agricultural environment providers. Its members include both French manufacturers and importers of agricultural equipment for the various sectors of crop and livestock agricultural production and producers and importers of equipment for the upkeep of green spaces. AXEMA comprises 224 member companies including manufacturers (70%) and importers (30%).

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