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AGRIEVOLUTION - Communiqué de presse

23 mai 2016 à PARIS



May 2016

​Agrievolution Statistics Program

The Agrievolution Alliance continues to grow and strengthen support of its 6000+ agriculture equipment manufacturer member companies.  On May 11, a group of 17 companies who have conducted a global data exchange for roughly 40 years officially voted in the Agrievolution Alliance as the new Secretariat for the program. The program is now called the Agrievolution Statistics Program (ASP).

The Agrievolution Statistics Program provides global product specific market data to the companies who report in to the program. It currently covers five products: Tractors, combines, forage harvesters and two types of hay balers. 

Each of the 14 Alliance member associations around the world will offer this program to their relevant member companies, providing value to those companies who participate and at the same time enhancing the data by broadening its global coverage.  The program itself may be expanded in the future to include additional product categories.

Alliance association member companies who are unable to participate in the programs will also benefit. The Alliance will receive aggregate data from the program in the form of indexes for each of the product categories going back five years. The indexes will provide valuable trend line data which will be made available exclusively to the member companies of the Alliance associations.

The data will continue to be processed by Systematics International as it has since the program's inception. Systematics International is an independent data processing company based out of the UK, dedicated to providing the highest quality statistical reports to manufacturing industries worldwide.

The Agrievolution Alliance is pleased to add the Agrievolution Statistics Program to its current initiatives in order to better serve our collective member companies and the global industry as a whole.  Other initiatives include a biennial Summit, global market data reports based on data compiled from all Agrievolution Alliance countries, and advocating globally for the industry.


About Agrievolution Alliance - www.agrievolution.com

The Alliance is comprised of 14 organizations representing more than 6000 agriculture equipment manufacturers worldwide. Its mission is to share data, create awareness, exert influence, facilitate collaboration and offer guidance and perspective on current global industry issues and future challenges. Alliance members: ABIMAQ (Brazil), AEA (UK), AEM (US), ANSEMAT (Spain), AXEMA (France), CAMDA (China), CEMA (EU), FEDERUNACOMA (Italy), FICCI (India), JAMMA (Japan), KAMICO (Korea), Rosagromash (Russia), TARMAKBIR (Turkey), VDMA (Germany). TARMAKBIR is currently Chair of the Alliance, and AEM serves as Secretariat. For information, contact asennett@aem.org.